Aeration and Overseeding


Turf Troopers aeration & overseeding service is the best way to repair a thinning fescue lawn caused by, heat stress, fungal disease, insect problem, etc. Core aeration is one of the most important practices available to help improve your lawn. This process relieves soil compaction, allows gas / air exchange, allows nutrients to get to root system, allows root systems to grow deep into soil. Turf Troopers uses a turf type tall fescue grass seed that is selected specifically for our area. Fescue lawns can have many issues throughout the year that can cause an undesired look as well as a shorter life span and that is why we highly recommend aeration & overseeding every year to replant new grass.

         Turf Troopers will schedule a date at least a week in advance to perform this service so that any preparations that are needed can be made.

·         Turf Troopers owns our own commercial equipment operated by Turf Troopers employees, not rental equipment that is beat up.

·         Turf Troopers aerates in a double grid formation to ensure more holes and seeds with our premium selected seed at the correct rate applied to ensure best results.

·         After overseeding is complete, proper watering is the most important component to a successful lawn. After 2 weeks of properly watering, if you don’t have the results you desired, call our office and one of our Troopers will come out and walk the lawn with you, re-seed any areas needed as well as review with you ways to improve results.

Remember Fall is the best time of the year to get the best results from aeration and overseeding!