Core Aeration

Core aeration is performed on turf areas as a means of reducing soil compaction, reducing thatch, and improving the infiltration of water, air, and nutrients into the soil. When the soil is less compacted, your grass is able to grow a deeper root system. Greater root depth is crucial in helping your lawn survive periods of drought and stress. Greater nutrient absorption means you will have greener, thicker grass to out-compete weeds. Turf Troopers recommends aeration your lawn annually to achieve best results. If you have questions about when is the best time to aerate for the type of grass that you have please call our office and one of our Troopers will be glad to answer all your questions.

Early summer is the time to aerate warm season lawns (Bermuda, zoysia), when the grass is growing most rapidly. Aeration relieves compaction and allows air to reach the roots of your lawn. It is best to use a core aerator which actually removes small cores from your lawn.

Before aerating, it is best to mow the lawn very low, which makes it easier for the machine to remove the cores. Make several passes with the aerator in different directions.