Weed Control

weedsWeed control from Turf Troopers starts with an assessment of the weed issues threatening your lawn. Our Troopers deal with hundreds of different species of weeds, as well as factors that go into weed infestations – like your lawn’s health, soil, and local growing conditions. We use this expertise and experience to create a custom weed control treatment plan for your lawn, making sure your lawn is treated with the right amounts of the right    materials. Our weed control services work with a wide range of weed species and weed types.

Turf Troopers will help you treat…

Grassy Weeds: These weeds thrive under the same conditions as your lawn’s grass. They include weeds like crabgrass, goose grass, and yellow foxtail.

 Broadleaf Weeds: Broadleaf weeds are easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower. They include thistles, dandelions, wild violets, and clovers.

Warm-Season Weeds: These weeds thrive during warm summer months.

Cool-Season Weeds: Cool-season weeds are most widespread in the spring and fall.

Annual Weeds: Annual weeds die off naturally at the end of their yearly growing cycle, but can sprout 4-5 times before that happens.

 Perennial Weeds: These pesky weeds come back year after year until treated or removed.


Pre-Emergent Weed Control Services:

When it comes to invasive plant life, it’s always better to stop weeds before they sprout rather than waiting until after they’ve sprouted and had a chance to set roots and grow stronger. With Turf Troopers pre-emergent weed control services, your yard will be protected against a wide range of weeds year round. This type of service involves routine preventative treatments. These treatments keep grass healthy by protecting it against invasive broadleaf weeds. As noted above, with this approach you stop weed growth before seeds have the chance to take root and grow.